What You See Is NOT Always What You Get


Luke Combs has taken the country world by storm with his hit singles and lovable personality. His millions of fans had been patiently waiting for him to go on tour and in 2020 their dreams came so close to a reality. However, they were heartbroken when his What You See Is What You Get Tour had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully for his fans the tour was only rescheduled to the next year and he kept all the same venues. Unfortunately, the What You See Is What You Get concert at Madison Square Garden on November 30, 2021 did not come close to what it lived up to be and many, including myself, left the concert feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. 


Firstly, Luke Combs was opened by Ashley McBride and Drew Parker. Typically, the opening acts get the crowd energized and excited, however the overall mood created felt unenthusiastic and tired. Both country singers were not very well known and neither had enough energy nor effort to even make a name for themselves at the concert. The two openers sang for over two hours and neither got the crowd involved or awake. When Luke finally came onto the stage it was after 9 o’clock and the concert started a little before 7. And when the concert ended he only sang for maybe 2 hours. This left the audience with a feeling of emptiness and discontent. 

2021 What You See Is What You Get Tour schedule

Shockingly, when Luke was performing, many of his songs didn’t get the crowd engaged. A lot of the people near me began to sit down and wait for the next song. Even when his fans were standing no one was moving around or dancing. Overall, the audience felt very awkward. 


Despite all the negatives, there were also a few enjoyable aspects of the concert. The stage had seating all around it and Combs performed on each side. So, he was able to be seen from all angles. Although the venue was arranged well, the lighting was absolutely terrible. Part of this was out of his control, however the blue lights circling Madison Square Garden blinded the audience and took them away from the concert. 


Another part of the concert that was positive and got the fans engaged was his encore. When Combs returned to the stage he performed two final songs. Both of which got the audience extremely alive. However, this could have partially been due to the fact that the concert was almost over and the audience wanted to end their night on a high note. 

What You See Is What You Get Tour at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday November 30th, 2021.

Despite the unsuccessfulness of the concert all his fans still love him but Luke Combs should stick to making albums and recording songs. In those settings his voice and personality really shine through. If I were you I wouldn’t spend the $500 on a concert ticket when you could have your own concert in the shower for a much better experience.