Dear Wolfie, Can’t Choose Courses

Sebastian Gutkin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Dear Student 121,

Your school schedule can help you figure out a part of who you are and who you want to be – but it does NOT have to be stressful!  

Teachers will recommend courses for you based on how you are doing in your current classes, but you should also think about choosing classes that you will enjoy.  WMC has so many great options to choose from and your school counselor will be a great resource to help you make your selection.  Here are some helpful tips to consider when planning for next year: 

  • Think about what you might like to learn about in the future.  If you plan to attend college, what might you like to major in?  Why not take a class or two now so that you prepare for the future and find out if studies in this area are what you thought they would be? 
  • Take a course that relates to a hobby or interest area.  Are you the family member who always snaps photos on your phone and enjoys editing them?  Take an art class to foster your creativity and teach you more about the skills related to the field.
  • Challenge yourself. Reaching in an interest area is a good idea!  So if you are getting straight A’s in a subject, consider stepping up to the next academic level.  
  • Balance.  Think about the number of hours you have in a day to devote to your studies.  Do you participate in any clubs or sports?  What are your household responsibilities?  Do you have an after-school job?  If so, you may want to include an IRT in your schedule!
  • Imagine yourself in the course…working on assignments, giving a presentation, taking a test, or completing a project.  Does it seem like a good fit? 
  • Do your research. Find a few students who are currently in the class and ask them to tell you the greatest challenge and their favorite part about the class. 

Thinking about some or all of these things before your school counselor meeting will prepare you for a great conversation when it comes time to make your selections.  

Happy planning!



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