WMC Senior Honors Concert


On Tuesday, May 24th, The WMC Mixed Choir concluded its 2021-2022 season with their first Senior Honors Concert since 2019. The mixed choir, under the direction of Mr. Stingle and accompanist Mr. McMurray, performed in the WMC auditorium while honoring its 19 graduating seniors. The memorable event was about 2 hours long including an intermission. With 15 songs and a presentation of several awards, this concert is one the seniors will surely never forget.

The women’s ensemble, consisting of soprano and alto voice parts, opened the night with a comedic song “Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)”, arranged by William Stickles. Following, they performed a very contrasting piece, “Take Me to the Water” arranged by Rollo Dilworth. These two songs quickly drew in the attention of the audience members. The concert choir then filed into the risers onstage to perform after the women’s ensemble. They began their set with a moving performance of “Prayer of the Children” arranged by Andrea S. Klouse. Mr. Stingle stated that “with the events of May 24th in Texas, the song that stood out to me and made the most impact was Prayer of the Children”. The next song they sang was “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” arranged by Craig Hella Johnson featuring senior soloists Emily Broadhurst, Kai Cleary, Jordan Greenley, Maggie Layfield, Michael LeFevre, Christopher Meehan, and Bianca Rosiak. Additionally, a special appearance was made by junior Evelyn Oravez to accompany them with her oboe. The last song performed was “Blue Skies” arranged by Deke Sharon. This jazzy, let-loose rendition had the performers stand at the edge of the stage and really engaged the audience.

After this piece, the women’s ensemble joined the concert choir and they performed 3 combined pieces. They sang “Hear My Prayer” arranged by Moses Hogan, “We Remember Them” arranged by Susan Labarr, and their traditional song, “Softly As I Leave You” arranged by Tony De Vita. . After this, the event took a minor intermission to welcome the rest of the choir onstage.

The WMC mixed choir performed a total of seven songs all accompanied on piano by middle school choir teacher, Mr. McMurray. In order, they performed “Gloria”, “Shoshone Love Song” with soloist Maiju Hoerning, “Shule Aroon” with violinist Sofia Chan and additional piano accompanist Jesse Shvartsman, “Rhythm of Life” again with accompanist Jesse Shvartsman on piano, “Only Hope” with vocal soloists Christopher Meehan, Bianca Rosiak, and cellist Adam Han, “Found/Tonight”, and the “Little Shop of Horrors Medley” with soloists Emily Broadhurst, Jordan Greenley, Maggie Layfield, Michael LeFevre, Christopher Meehan, Caroline Miller, Nick Murello, Vanessa Nussbaum, and Joseph Seewald. Each song was unique in its own way and the audience enjoyed each song differently. From the emotional swells of slower pieces to the up-beat tempo of the last musical medley, parents from the audience beamed proudly at their children’s talent. Mr. Stingle reflects upon his choices of choosing music by saying, “I always try to mix up styles, speeds and genre to make sure there is something for everyone in a concert.” Mr. Stingle also includes his opinions on how the night went by saying, “The concert was brilliant! It was amazing that the students were able to learn so much music this year with all of the obstacles in their way”.

To conclude the night, nine seniors were awarded with recognition for their dedication to the music program over their four years here at WMC. Matthew Ashburn, Maiju Hoerning, Maggie Layfield, Michael LeFevre, and Caroline Miller were all awarded with the Music Department Service Awards – an award for students who provide outstanding service to the choir. Jordan Greenley was awarded with the Margaret T. Ryan Award – given to the student who exemplifies a love of singing and has demonstrated all of the qualities of a choir member. Christopher Meehan was awarded with the David Lantz Award – given to a student in the music department who showed the most improvement over their four years in high school. Kai Clearly was awarded with the Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award – given to a student whose musical contributions set them apart as deserving of the highest recognition for their achievements. Emily Broadhurst was awarded with the National Choral Award – an award that recognizes the dedication and musical achievement of the top choral student in the program.

The 2022 Senior Honors Concert was certainly a night full of emotions and memories – especially for those who are graduating. Considering this was the first Senior Honors Concert since 2019, Mr. Stingle thinks the concert was “PERFECT! There is nothing better than singing together on stage in order to honor our seniors”. He concluded with advice for the graduating seniors, saying to “continue to make music – it will sustain you in both the best and worst of times”.

Mr. Stingle and the WMC mixed choir have worked tirelessly for months to perfect this concert, and all of their hard work did not go unnoticed. We wish the graduating seniors good luck as they continue their journeys elsewhere, and we cannot wait to see the success of next year’s WMC mixed choir!