We Went to School on Senior Skip Day


It has been a tradition at West Morris Central for seniors to skip a day of school to go on an adventure or sleep in for a few extra hours. A day is specifically chosen by the senior class and most seniors participate.

In the past years seniors have decided to add a day to spring or winter break, take off the day after the superbowl, or take off closer to summer so there is more to do than just staying home all day. Seniors would visit the beach or New York City. Of course, our skip day fell on one of the coldest days of the winter, so choices were limited for seniors.

“Senior year is hard, we need a break sometimes,” stated by Isabella Ramina, who participated in senior skip day.

A majority of seniors decided the day back from winter break was the perfect day to skip because for some, it didn’t seem long enough. The remaining students that attended that day either thought it wasn’t a smart day to miss, or only showed up because their parents wouldn’t allow them to.

As seniors, we may say this year our senior skip day was last minute and unorganized. There was a poll for senior class on Facebook to survey who wanted a skip day on the day back from winter break, January 3rd. Many seniors suggested saving our skip day for the Monday after Super Bowl.

Skipping the day after the Super Bowl has its benefits, especially for those watching it. Students would be up late the night before, and even later if it goes into overtime. Instead of having just family over to watch the game, you can invite friends over and not have to worry about waking up before the sun does the following morning.

Dean Jinks commented on Facebook, “Why not skip tomorrow and another day?”

We will have to wait and see how many seniors decide not to show to school on the Monday after Super Bowl, and maybe teachers will be impressed with the senior’s organized planning.