Unified Takes Home the Gold!


West Morris’ Unified soccer team hoists the 2021 Unified Cup.

West Morris Central’s Unified Team is back and better than ever by having an action-packed soccer season! This season, the team has showcased some exciting victories over Morristown and Sparta, with the Sparta game coming down to the wire. West Morris Unified also participated in the 2021 Unified Cup Soccer tournament which took place in Mercer County New Jersey this past weekend. It was an amazing tournament that showcased many great teams with West Morris taking home the gold. 


The club’s advisor and coach, Mr. O’Toole, has nothing but praise for his team. In a recent interview with Mr. O’Toole, he stated “I am so proud of my players. Some of these kids have never even played a recreational sport and to see their constant improvement, it’s awesome.” When asked about what the games meant to him, he explained that each game has a double-sided perspective. “I want my players to learn and play the game well,” he said. “However, I also want both teams to share in that experience. I want each team to showcase tremendous leadership and play strong games. That is what’s most important.” 


For Mr. O’Toole, the Unified program is more than sports. When questioned about his expectations about the upcoming winter and spring seasons he said, “I want to continue helping the kids grow and develop into the best players and people they can be.” Along with Mr. O’Toole, West Morris’ Unified program has partners that help boost the team’s spirit. These partners include students that help create a natural environment for the athletes. “The program is accepted widely across the student body and staff” O’Toole exclaimed. “We’re all-inclusive, everyone is kind, and we continue to grow more and more as a team every single year at West Morris.”