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Disney Cancels Christmas...or did they?

Disney Cancels Christmas…or did they?

Lia Nowak, Staff Writer November 30, 2023

On October 17 2024, Mouse Trap News published an article that claimed Disney World will cancel their Disney celebration in December 2024. Obviously, many Christmas lovers and Disney fans alike were alarmed...

Logos of the NFL and its sports book sponsors

Unjust Punishment: A Criticism of The NFL’s Gambling Policy

Michael Ruppert, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

The NFL’s gambling policy has recently faced more scrutiny after the year-long suspension of former Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley. Ridley faced a one year suspension after he was caught betting...

Social media usage has gone through the roof, thanks to the support from cell phones

Negative Effects of Using Social Media on Mental Health

Riley Mastriani, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

Social media can have both positive and negative impacts on mental health. Social media has become an addiction to many teens. While there are some benefits of using social media, there are also drawbacks. Most...

Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas

Biology vs Identity: The Race for Fair Representation in Women’s Sports

Lia Nowak, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

On March 17, 2022, Lia Thomas became the first transgender athlete to be a top winner of a race for the University of Pennsylvania, the 500 meter freestyle. Not only did Thomas win her race, but she also...

SAT/ACT Prep Course: Should it be in the WMC Curriculum?

SAT/ACT Prep Course: Should it be in the WMC Curriculum?

Eliza Pickard, Staff Writer October 13, 2023

West Morris Central students would benefit from an ACT/SAT preparation class coming back into the curriculum. With a rising competitiveness of SAT and ACT scores, students and their families are...

RFK JR. Runs Independent What This Means For Him

RFK JR. Runs Independent What This Means For Him

Dennis Simon III, Staff Writer October 13, 2023

Robert F Kennedy, one of the two Democrats challenging President Joe Biden in the primaries has now announced that he is running as an independent.  According to Axios, he is . "declaring independence”...

WMC Cheerleading - WMC Cheer Parents Association

Reasons why Cheerleading should be considered a Sport

Julia Busch, Staff Writer October 9, 2023

“What sports do you play?” “I cheer.” “That’s not a sport.” “Why not?” Many cheerleaders understand the frustration of having their sport be labeled a school club. People do not realize...

The Economic Times

Teen Summer Reading Challenge

Annika Chamberlain, Staff Writer October 9, 2023

Over the summer I watch my two little siblings, ages 10 and 8, go to the library weekly and pick out a new book to complete the library's summer reading challenge. The premise of the challenge is to get...

The WMC archery club logo by Radha Pilli.

Shoot Your Shot and Join WMC Archery!

Dakotah Hubbard, Co Editor-in-Chief October 3, 2023

Archery is one of the most beneficial activities to participate in, but also one of the lesser known here at WMC. Whether you are an expert in the sport, have shot an arrow once or twice before, or have...

David by Michelangelo

MichelangelNO: The Censorship of Education in Florida

Dakotah Hubbard, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

In late March, a Florida school made national headlines after their principal was asked to resign after showing Michelangelo’s David without collecting permission forms from the students’ parents. The...

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NBA failure: Karl Malone invited to all-star weekend.

Sean Bodnar, Staff Writer March 16, 2023

This year's NBA All-Star weekend came with controversy as the NBA allowed Karl Malone to be one of the Judges for the competitions.  Karl Malone was an amazing basketball player for the Utah Jazz.  He...

Its Not All Rainbows: LVMS Removes Pride Stickers

It’s Not All Rainbows: LVMS Removes Pride Stickers

Eliza Olsen, World News Editor March 13, 2023

 Following the recent decision made by the Washington Township Board of Education, “safe space” stickers which were intended to show support for the LGBTQ+ community have been taken down from all...

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