“How has elearning impacted you?”


Sydney Babbitt 

Grade 11

I enjoy the fact that classes include more independent work, giving me the opportunity to figure out the classwork in a manner that ensures that I understand the material. As well, I like being able to wake up later and not stress out as much as I would at school. I am able to reach out to friends in my class via facetime and see if everyone is on the same page as me in terms of classwork. I can get assistance from the teachers when needed, but handle my work at my own pace. As for things that I do not like with the new eLearning program, I do not like some of the “busy work” that some classes are giving. As well, I think that it can get a bit confusing with lessons and teachers not being able to get visual clues as to how behind or ahead the class might be. Therefore the lessons may be too slow or too fast.”


Kaitlyn Holvek   

Grade 11


“I like that we have shorter classes and there is more freedom with getting work done. However, I don’t like how we don’t get to see our friends or have face to face, in person, interactions.”   





Danielle Even   

Grade 11


“I like the elearning because we get to still go to school so we don’t have to have school in the summer and it also gives us something to do while we’re stuck at home. I don’t like it though because most of the work seems like busywork.”