Wait, Seniors! There’s one last thing to do!

Wait, Seniors! Theres one last thing to do!

Well, the time has finally arrived. It’s time to start packing, meet with your roommate, get school supplies, and finally, take the roadtrip to college. In your final days in Long Valley, you’re probably wondering what things to do to make the most of the time you have left. Of course, there’s no way to fully experience all of the memories you’ve made in the years leading up to your graduation, but there are ways to commemorate some of the things that have made your high school experience special. In such an unprecedented time as this, it may seem impossible that you can enjoy these last few moments, but, there are ways to at least somewhat recreate those memories. With that being said, when you find yourself about to leave in the upcoming months, don’t forget to revisit some of the places that made your high school experience memorable (pandemic permitting):  

  • Visit The Coffee Potter  
  • Talk a walk on Schooley’s Mountain Park 
  • Take your friends to lunch/dinner at Pezzo’s Pizza 
  • Visit Ort Farms and Alstede Farms 
  • Go shopping with your friends at Target 
  • Eat at the Chester Diner 
  • See a movie at Cinepolis  

One senior, Sydney Stanilious, states, “Before I leave for college I’d like to revisit some of the places my friends and I used to go to a lot, like the Chester diner, and spend time together.” Although it’s impossible to fully wrap up all of your memories since living in Long Valley, doing any of the things above are great ways to remember and relive some of those great memories you’ve made over the years. Another senior, Michael Ostreich, says, “Before I leave, I’d like to go on a camping trip with all of my friends, at a local spot in town.” While reflecting on your high school experience, remembering the moments that made your time in high school even more memorable are important. Having said that, even in times such as these, take the time before you leave to reminisce, and enjoy some of the things above to wrap up your time here in Long Valley.