A brighter 2021 with West Morris Staff!

New Year’s resolutions from some of the Central faculty

It goes without saying: 2020 was a year like no other. Not only can you find that message plastered on virtually every social media site, but you’ve probably seen the same throughout my colleague’s work as well as through COVID and school news articles written during the pandemic for The Paw.

Photo by Ibrahim Boran

Without a doubt, moving forward to 2021 has been on the minds of many—putting 2020 in the rearview mirror has been a culminating idea for many during the past few weeks as many were waiting for the ball to drop in New York City on New Year’s Eve.

With every new year comes the excitement of setting resolutions for ourselves, and this year is no exception. Many of our daily routines were altered, and returning to them for 2021 has been an aspiration, or something to look forward to, for the new year. The same can be said for our teachers, who, like always, are positively inspired for what’s to come. Shortly before Winter Break, The Paw had the opportunity to interview some teachers on their New Years’ resolutions for 2021. Here’s what a few of our faculty had to say:

A large focus on wellness and positivity

Mental health has become a leading concern for many as working from home and the stresses of COVID became a reality, especially for schools, where hours of a school environment swiftly turned into hours in front of a screen with hopes to normalize the situation. To that extent, sentiments of remaining hopeful for 2021 have certainly rung throughout our building, including resolutions from faculty such as Mr. Togno, whose goal is to “try to remain positive through 2021,” or avid Physics and Chemistry lover Mrs. Donlon, who is attempting to go through the year not “sweating the small stuff in life.” Even Central’s very own Mr. Rymer will take 2021 one step at a time, “keeping things in perspective, especially through the pandemic.” It’s clear that by keeping our health in check, we can make this year, in teenage terms, like totally awesome!

Naturally, efforts towards COVID health, too

Morning, afternoon and night, Americans have been eating, breathing, and living COVID news. No matter your stance on the issue, one thing’s for certain: to end the pandemic as quickly as possible would be incredible. To do that, however, requires all of us to do our part. Linguistic teacher Madame Amaral’s resolution is “to do everything I can to resolve individually so that collectively health and healing is resolved. In homes, families, around the world. That and world peace” — something that certainly resonates with many of us right now. Similarly, media specialist Mrs. Davis echoes Madame’s statements, resolving as a collective that “Everybody in the world makes really good decisions, based on good intentions that will help the world, themselves.” However, perhaps it’s Chinese teacher Mrs. Jiang who put it best, simply wishing for all a happy, healthy, new year.

And of course, the fun and personal resolutions

World issues aside, though, and you’ll see just how excited our teachers are to work on themselves and resolve to do some incredible things this year. Mrs. Zegar is hoping to get her floors fixed after “putting that off for four years!,” and mathematician extraordinaire Mr. Cassidy is looking forward to keeping his desk as neat as possible. Head over to the English department, and you’ll find Ms. Johnson “focusing more on enjoying the present moment and recognizing and accepting that which is out of my control. And [baking] more bread.” Finally, move on outside and one can view Mr. Goodwin of the history department taking care of his dogs through long walks, Mrs. Gizas “Saving the Earth!” by cleaning up the ocean, and even The Paw advisor Mrs. Kisatsky hiking and camping more, as she “did that with [her] kids more in quarantine and [would] like to continue that in 2021.”

Getting outside is one of the most important resolutions from our Central staff! • Photo by Sergio Rodriguez

No matter what your New Year’s resolution may be for this year — whether it be wishing all a happy, wellness-filled and peaceful 2021, reading The Paw (as you should), or even baking bread and fixing floors, we hope that you’re successful in your goals and make this your best year yet.