FALL? More like Falling Out of The Groove!

Seasonal Depression

We all love autumn, with the bright colors, apple cider, and leaves falling around us, but as the colder weather sets in and the sun disappears earlier and earlier each day, some might find that they are a bit down.

What is Seasonal Depression? 

It’s a depression that usually starts in the beginning of fall, progresses through winter, and finally ends in spring. This type of ‘depression’ usually starts in adulthood and mainly affects women. The Cleveland Clinic has proven that “about 75% of people who get seasonal affective disorder are women.”








But what causes it?

It’s assumed that the lack of sunlight is the main contributor, as vitamin D is very vital to our bodies. When winter comes around, many people can develop a vitamin D deficiency or a chemical imbalance and “these chemicals include serotonin, which contributes to feelings of happiness.” Since the daylight and chemicals are shifting, this might affect the internal clock that controls the body’s hormones and sleep schedule, reducing the ability to control their moods.

Is it treatable?

Whether you have full blown SAD or just some winter blues, there are some things you can do to improve your mood.

  • Phototherapy- usage of a bright light
  • Cognitive behavior therapy- a type of therapy to talk about your emotions
  • Vitamin D supplements


If you are feeling overly tired, anxious, or irritable, it might be a good idea to step outside and soak in the sun while there are still some warm days left in the year. Everyone falls out of the groove every now and then, so find something you love, hangout with your friends and get excited for the seasonal festivities!