Where Does The Class of ’22 See Themselves in 15 Years?


Courtesy of: Graduation Source

Student Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
Emily Broadhurst I hope to be pursuing either musical theater or vocal performance with a family living in NYC.
Kyle Hunt I hope to be working for a major film company, specializing in the animation/visual effects department.
Lindsey Bernardi I hope to be working at a high school or middle school in New Jersey and have cats and a dog.
Charlotte Mulhern Preferably I’m working on my own TV show and have an unreasonable amount of cats.
Madison Cline I hope to be a pediatric orthopedist with a happy family.
Maggie Layfield I hope to be working on a film set or traveling the country.
Mackenzie Rice I hope to be working in the government, spending time abroad, and having lots of pets.
Amanda Nowicki I hope to be working in the city with some sort of big business company, married, and living somewhere out of the city.
Liya Barski In 15 years, I hope to have traveled the world and be happily married with 2 kids and a dog 🙂
Alex Fernandes I hope to still be kickin’
Nina Liloia In fifteen years, I hope to have completed my education and be working my dream job as a neurologist.
Abigail VanCoevering In 15 years I hope to have a good job that I enjoy and have started a family of my own.
Alison Tai I see myself living in a Boston apartment as a pharmacist working for a large company with some pets.
Haley Bishop I hope to be married living in upstate NY working as an occupational therapist with a pet corgi
Vanessa Nussbaum I hope to be a marine biologist focused on conservation and living at a beach somewhere.
Madison Hill I hope to have traveled the world and to be settling down and finding a nice job.
Rita Saad I hope to be working at a hospital as a general physician, married with kids, and have a cat and a dog
Briana Zamora I don’t really know, to be honest, I barely see what I’m doing for the rest of three years. But if I had to imagine myself I’d say I see myself either as a vet technician or an ultrasound technician. I see myself married to my soulmate and have at least three dogs, no more than that. Maybe even pregnant or already have a few children.
Alyssia Malanga I hope to work in either a rehabilitation facility or a hospital as an occupational therapist and live in a house with my spouse and 2 dogs.
Samantha Brennan I hope to be working for a magazine firm, working on the graphic design aspects of the company and how it is advertised.
Lily McMeen I hope to have graduated with at least a degree in biology/chemistry and become a forensic toxicologist or pharmacist. It’d also be awesome if I could have some reptiles :)”
Vanessa Nussbaum I hope to be a marine biologist living on the coast somewhere, doing what I love.
Meghan Brown I hope to have my BS and MBA, work for a successful company, get married, and have a golden retriever.
Cara Leonard I see myself as a biochemist researcher at a scientific research company somewhere in the northeast or even Europe.
Gigi Rauchut I don’t know where I’ll be in 15 years, but I hope I’m exactly where I want to be
Kelsey Cunningham I hope to be living somewhere in the Midwest near family with some pets and maybe a spouse
Zack Dragos I just hope to be happy, preferably working some programming job making big bucks
Elize Fracchiolla I hope to be working at a job that I love that helps the community and to have a dog.
Maeve Colligan I hope to have started a family and to be working a big marketing job somewhere.
Dylan Mack I hope I’m settled down and married, doing a job that makes me happy but that provides for my family
Caitey Wozniak In 15 years, I will own my own clinical psychology practice in South Carolina.
Lucas Chan Having a family
Brayden Sardo I hope to be an automotive lawyer or automotive journalist, married and have two kids and a dog.
Patrick Feehan I hope to have a family and a nice house
Benjamin Morris I hope to be living in Montana, working on a ranch, with my own horse and dog.
Sydney Schwartz I hope to have a successful career and live somewhere warm.
Ali Gallucci I hope to be working as a Physician Assistant in possibly orthopedics, start a family, and have lots of dogs!
Dylan Turner I see myself possibly being married and having the job I desire, living in Italy.
Ryan Curtis I hope to be married and have a happy life
Sage Zangrilli I hope to be traveling the world, making a difference in the world even if it’s small and hoping to have my own dog and start my own animal sanctuary
Maggie Hance I hope to have a successful career and to be traveling as much as possible and have two cats and a dog.
Joe Bartnicki In 15 years I want to be a third-rate Engineer on a container/ tanker ship out of New York Harbor. I would like to have a house, be married, and have a dog.
Cole Turner I wish to be married and live in Italy, with several cats. I hope to be working in the field of mycology and toxicology.
Madeline Mullin I will have a successful and stable job, travel, and have a family.
Sydney Daum I see myself having a blue-collar job like carpentry or engineering, living with my partner, and saving up to buy a farm to settle down
Gabe Collins “I hope to see myself in 15 years being in the front office of either an NFL team or NBA team.”
Sean Leonard working in a sports management area for a major company that deals directly with their relationships with players has a house somewhere not in NJ with a family
Anthony Pescatore I will be married and living in the south. I will be some type of business owner.
Mathew Mastriani police officer, married, with kids and dogs
Vazco Pescoran In 15 years I see myself working at a job I enjoy working and with a wife and 3 children.
Scott Mitchell I hope I have a stable job and I’m happy
Kyle Martire I hope to see myself making a good income, living somewhere that suits me best.
Enzo I see myself being successful
Natasha Battista I see myself as a firefighter, saving lives. I see myself as a mom as well, with a family.
Sophia DiCarlo Hopefully a rich physical therapist
Christopher Bandille I’d imagine myself to be working in the music and sound production industry.
Anthony Galichansky Married maybe my own business, maybe a missionary.
Joe Delicato I hope to be working on a farm in a leadership position in either the field work that takes place on the farm or in charge of all the landscaping and handy work. Maybe I will be married by then, not sure it’s hard to tell 15 years ahead of time.
Aidan Cross I hope to be working as a game developer for Nintendo, have gotten married and started a family
Emily Vaughn I hope to be working for National Geographic traveling the world. I want to be living in a more rural area where I can take pictures of the sunrise/sunset over the mountains in my free time
Marco Martinez In 15 years, I see myself having a stable life with a well-paying job, sufficient necessities, and the time to be with others and do the things I love the most.
Aden Gardner working for some business or owning my own business/franchise
Maximus Michalski I hope to be working for the New York Yankees, married with 2 boys and one dog
Aidan Mudryk In 15 years I would like to have a family with 3-4 kids and 2 dogs. I want to be a physical therapist and own a clinic.
Priya Doddipalli I hope to be working for a good computer science company in NJ or NY, and have at least 1 kid
Eyshila Souza Mourao I hope I am successful with my own dental office, with all my investments at a higher capital rate.
Tyler Fruamann I will be working at a welding job and hopefully getting married and having a family
Donald Signorelli I hope to be working either as a chef or in a mathematical field, whether as simply a mathematician or an engineer. architect, or other similar professions. I will hopefully be married by then and have a pet bird, preferably an owl but probably not.
Avery Gumersell I hope to be working for a book editing company and raising a family of my own
Zachary McFarland Being a physical therapist
Hannah Tupaczewski I hope to be married, possibly have a kid, have my college loans paid off, have my career figured out, and have 3 cats.
Owen Christiansen I hope to see myself living in a nice area and being happy with what I choose as my future career with people I love.
Ethan Skalvik-Zapata I hope to see myself as a decently well-done psychologist married with two children.
Sean Davies I hope to have successfully completed college and have a solid job in the professional sports industry. Overall, I just hope my job is awesome while still being around the people I love.
Wyatt Serrano I see myself working for an automotive company(either tuning or working on cars), married, 2 dogs, and having a really fast car.
Tony Kaplinski 15 years older
Malachi Shepard I will be working for myself doing real estate with three kids and 2 dogs
Amanda Vecchione I hope to see myself at a good-paying job, married, and in a stable living destination.
Layth Subhi I hope to be working in power generation or any job engineering with a wife, a dog, and a kid in 15 years.
Sam D’Alessandro Having a good job and making good money
Jonathan Lord Regretting the previous 15 years.
Isabella Aranzazu I hope that I would be in the FBI as a Behavior analyst, I would be married and traveling the world.
Jake Doerr-Fredrickson I hope to be a successful graphic designer with exotic pets.
Kevin Moore 6 Kids, 4 Dogs, a lot of horses and cows on a huge piece of land in Montana, doing something in business or writing.
Andrew DiGabriele I hope to be working in a private equity firm near the New Jersey area and have a dog.
Rocco Gallara I see myself working as a mechanical engineer, having a great stable job.I will be married and have a dog.
Jonathan Jan Working as a software engineer and making a stable income.
Steven Cardinal Well I want to have a job working for an entertainment company like universal, Disney etc in the marketing field. I would like to be married and have a dog or two.
Taylor Stetz In 15 years, I hope to be either a nurse or work with children who have special needs, are married, and have a hairless cat.
Nick Dotro I hope to be doing something I love. With a lot of friends and hopefully a wife and some kids.
Dan Turkus In 15 years I hope that I have family and that I am enjoying what I’m doing in life
Nick Voorhees I see myself being a successful musical artist in the industry and is known throughout the world. I hope to be living in Los Angeles, California and doing what I love every day. I also hope to be married by then and either be close to having a kid with my wife or have already had one. I would also like to own 2 dogs.
Brendan Donlon 2 kids, 3 dogs, beach house, successful plumbing business.
Zach Byank 15 years older, owns a chain of laundromats.
Paul Bietka Enjoying what I do for a job and owning a big plot of land in the Appalachian mountains with a nice family.
Matthew Ashburn, I hope to be working as a math teacher or principal in New Jersey, married, and have a dog for a pet.
CC Homer Hopefully I am successful with a family and happy.
Nick Muha I hope I am happy, healthy, and wealthy
Will Groeling I would like to be working outside studying the environment around me and cleaning it up to make it more sustainable for our population.
Mackinley Dowson I hope to be happy doing something business-related, with two bulldogs
Emily Simon Living in an apartment in some city having been to at least one foreign city.
Andrew Fuscaldo I hope to be working for a major automotive company, married, and build and restore cars in my garage.
Bailey Dowson in 15 years, I see myself having a well-paid job and hopefully having a family.
Payton Gjelsvik I hope to be married with kids, work in a crime lab, and own my own bulldog.
Tayla Sharp I hope that I get a good marketing job for one of my favorite companies, and am married with 2 kids and 2 golden retrievers. I hope to have a big house that I built to my exact liking.
Grace Finlay I will be a physical therapist, married, and have three kids, and a dog.
Jake Van Slooten I plan to be working at an engineering firm.
Elizabeth Erfanian I hope to be successful and happy with the job that I have chosen!
Alexander Montano I hope to work at an electrical engineering company or maybe have my own business. Also, I would like to be a fictional book writer.
Patrick Kelly I want to be married with three kids, a happy wife, a fun job where it’s hands-on and I’m not sitting at a desk all day, helping people make a difference, and at night sometimes go to the bar with my friends and practice my stand up comedy.
Matthew Bell In 15 years I hope to have a nice job, get married, and get a college degree.
Greenley, Jordan I hope to be teaching in an elementary school that caters to those who are deaf and hearing impaired, allowing for extra help to those positions which often struggle to be filled.
Nick Murello I hope to be working for a game studio and have a pet or two and a nice partner.
Emma Turse In 15 years, I see myself as being a very successful businesswoman. I plan on being an event planner and my absolute dream is to plan high-end events for influencers and celebrities. I also plan on being married and living in a beautiful house.
Matthew Snyder I see myself being a pilot in 15 years, living the dream.