Student Athlete Spotlight – Alexa Murawski


The 2022 WMC girls soccer team had one of their most successful seasons in program history. The girls defended their sectional title from 2021 and won the first outright solo state title in history. Senior Alexa Murawski made key contributions all over the field to help her team to all of their accomplishments this year. Murawski’s speed and skill made her a key piece of the offense for the team this season.  

Murawski was the team’s leading goal scorer with 15 on the season. One of those 15 was the go ahead goal for the Wolfpack in their sectional final. Another of the 15 came in the Group 2 championship game which would be the only goal scored throughout the match. She shared with The Paw that scoring was “…really surreal. I had dreamed of scoring in the state championship so it felt like it just had to happen.” In that game she was named the most valuable player by Murawski recorded a goal in 12 of the 21 games played by the Pack this season.

Alexa Murawski was the teams’ leading scorer this season, one of which won her team the state championship. (Jon Sellars)

She began her soccer career when she was very young. “My dad played soccer in college so he made me play.” She continued, “At first I didn’t really like it but eventually I came around to loving it.” 

Murawski has enjoyed her time on the WMC girls soccer team most because of the people that she plays with. “We were able to create a great culture and environment. We were all so close so it made going to practice and bus rides really fun. I genuinely enjoyed being there even if we had just a boring practice. The people made it fun. Her favorite memory over the past four years was winning this year on senior night. “It was just a collection of everything. All three goals were scored by seniors. It was a collection of all the things we had done as seniors together. It was just great to get the win.” 

Later on in the season she would be named first team all Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference, first team all Morris County, first team all Group 2 and the team’s offensive most valuable player.