PRIDE Students of the Month: Determination

Dylan Babb: Grade 9

This is Dylan Babb’s first year at WMC. He shows determination by “setting a goal then executing it”. He works hard to achieve every goal that he sets his mind to. As an active member of the community, he is on the school’s ice hockey team and a part of the chess club. Winning this award feels “awesome” to Dylan and shows him that his hard work paid off. 





Olivia Montuore: Grade 10

Olivia Montuore is currently a sophomore at WMC. She shows determination by trying her hardest in class and in sports, and using her setbacks to work harder. She is active in our community by doing cross country, spring track, and swimming. In addition to sports, she is involved in Highlanders for Humanity, art club, and the Red Cross club. To Olivia, “PRIDE means to be respectful and responsible inside and out of school in order to create a positive environment for everyone.” She also believes that everyone should do more than the minimum asked of them in order to succeed. Winning this award is a great accomplishment to Olivia and shows her that her “teachers see her in a positive way.”

Andrew Pruss: Grade 11

Andrew Pruss is a junior at WMC.







Hudson McFarland: Grade 12

This is Hudson McFarland’s final year at WMC. He believes that determination is not your ability to get something done, but “simply being able to try your best” and putting in as much effort as you can. Hudson is an active member of the community by being the leader of WMC’s Robotics club and the official VEX Robotics Team. As a leader, he strongly believes in supporting his team and teaching them how to be good leaders as well. For Hudson, PRIDE “represents the sum of what it takes to truly be a good leader.” He believes that the ideas that make up PRIDE will result in excellence. By winning this award, Hudson sees that his “efforts have paid off when it comes to helping other people” and that he was successful in trying his best.”