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This year WMC is welcoming a new student assistance counselor, Mrs. Ellsworth, who has replaced Ms. Cartier. Ms. Cartier is now the district-wide health and wellness counselor and will only be in the building half the time, but Mrs. Ellsworth will be here every day to support the students. Before coming to WMC, she interned at Cucinella Elementary School, Long Valley Middle School, and spent last year at West Morris Central as well. After immigrating to the US and having to learn English, she found that making connections with teachers and other staff members should be seen as a priority. We asked her what her goals for this year were and she said, “to familiarize myself with the student needs and to be able to meet those needs in different ways.” She added that she also wanted to “create a safe space where students can come in and just talk”. Creating an environment where students feel comfortable talking to adults about their personal struggles is crucial for having a positive year.
In other school news, September was suicide awareness month. Students set up a table at the end of the ramp in the bistro to raise awareness about mental health. Flyers containing information about coping with anxiety, and depression. If you would still like to have these flyers, copies are available in Mrs. Ellesworth and Ms. Cartier’s room.
The “Mental Health Matters” bulletin board is still located in the A wing across from Mrs. Ellsworth’s office. The board contains resources for eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction, and other issues concerning mental health. Whatever you may be going through, you will never do it alone.