What Kind of Budgeter Are You?

The OCD Wannabe

  • Marks down every dollar spent
  • Gets super stressed over monthly expenses
  • Wants everything to be perfect or it will all fail



The Winger

-Moves without saving anything

-Can’t afford the first month’s rent

-Ends up moving back in with their parents



The Save and Spender

  • Does well with saving
  • Sees something they want
  • Uses all the money they saved for something else

The Balancer✨️

-Saves a certain % of paycheck

-Takes some for personal use

-Creates goals but doesn’t create an insane time limit


So how do you save up?

For short term goals:

-50-60% of your income

-in sections of three

Overall cost: $150

Week 1: 50

Week 2: 100

Week 3: 150


For long term goals:

-70-80% of your income

-bi-weekly or monthly goals

Overall goal: 5,000

Half way checkpoint: 3-month duration


The Big No No’s

Taking on too much with too little time-

If you are saving to move out or buy a car, you can only make so much money within a certain amount of time, not including what portions of that you will need for personal use like a coffee or gas.


Tracking everything down to the dime-

Just trust me, it’s not going to help, it will make you hate the process and never let you relax.


Not using the tools at your disposal-

There are apps and budgeting tools everywhere.  Use them, abuse them, and thank me later.


Tools that may help

  1. Truebill or mint (but basically any budgeting apps that will help you keep your spending under control)
  2. Trello (has templates created by others to have a fun way to set goals and track things)
  3. Literally, anything created for college kids