It’s not sledding, its Luge!

Its not sledding, its Luge!

Luge is a sport that is usually kept under the radar until the winter Olympics swings around. Luge was first introduced to the Olympics in 1964. It has always been on the same track as the bobsleigh. The event remained the same with the three events of men’s single, women’s single and doubles but that all changed in the 2014 Sochi when they added a fourth event that made its debut, team relay. The idea of a team race was rejected by the committee twice, once in 1991 and then again in 2002 but than they modified the idea to team relay which was accepted in 2011. Chris Mezdzer is one of the best in the country at luge and has been participating in the winter Olympics since 2010 in Vancouver but has been competing internationally since 2001. This year he made history in the Olympics by becoming the first U.S. men’s single luge medalist  and is the first and currently only non-European to medal in the event.

When asked about the sport Jake Powers answered “It seems a lot like dangerous sledding even though sledding in itself has potential to be dangerous. It seems terrifying to be going that fast.”

If I were to have picked up the sport I feel like I wouldn’t be very good at it because I feel as though it would be terrifying to be going down hill at 100 mph which is the average top speed the competitors reach. Many people think that there is no skill involved in the sport but I feel as though there is some hidden skill to it that I would not be able to master.