Goodbye 2021

As we step into the new year, after 2021’s eventful and horrific roller coaster, many wonder what will happen next. 2022 is approaching like a rolling storm in the distance, uncertain if it will dissipate, rage down on the people below, or reveal a beautiful rainbow. But based on the COVID developments, the economic shortages, and political controversies we can only predict.


COVID Variants 

The newest variant of COVID, Omicron, has caught even Bill Gates’ attention. He has openly canceled all of his Christmas plans and says that we “could be entering the worst part of the pandemic.” This new variant, spreading faster than any virus known to history, does not bode well for the new year, and since its effects remain unknown, the booster shot is the best chance to fight against it. According to CNN, “the country averaged more than 148,000 new cases a day over the last week,” which is 23% higher than the previous week. 2022 will most likely still be fighting against COVID, but hopefully learning from the mistakes made in 2021.



If you were busy Christmas shopping this week, or work in retail, you might feel super frustrated because NOTHING is in stock. From the smallest amenities to important supplies, if you are looking for it, it’s probably on backorder or out of stock till further notice. Companies are trying their best to accommodate these shortages by stocking up and running factories at full capacity. The shortages from the increase of spending could turn into a surplus of items in 2022 with all the companies’ efforts to remedy it.


If COVID does place us back into lockdown, hopefully, everyone is ready to do some online shopping.



Midst the pandemic the parties were riling things up all over the south and other parts of the US. An abortion law was passed in Texas, making abortions very difficult and illegal for those participating in them.  The Roe v. Wade abortion protections could be overturned by the Supreme Court in 2022, causing a domino effect in many other states, allowing abortions to be completely banned in some areas. Riots and violence could occur as the tension between the parties rise and sickness is aloof in the country.


2022 is as much of a guessing card as 2021 was, but depending on how the people, government, and businesses handle everything will result in either a positive or negative outcome to the new year. Get your booster shots, encourage others to, and hope we will have a better year ahead of us.