Dear Wolfie, I’ve Got the Breezeway BRRs


Sebastian Gutkin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Dear ShiveringStuckStudent,

Allow me to thaw your fears. I have a few tricks to avoid getting left out in the cold. First, try the old wait-and-see approach. Look out the A-wing window, wait for someone to begin their own journey, bust the door open and scream, “Hold that door”!  Another approach might be to use the “buddy approach”. Bring a buddy and have them wait while you go and test the waters. If the door is locked, no big deal, back the way you came. You will be late but at least not late and freezing.  Only problem with that is you have to have a buddy. If you don’t have a buddy, maybe see Mr. Takas and he can 3D print you one and program it to hold the door…but I digress. While both of these approaches may keep you from freezing they probably won’t help you be on time unless they work perfectly. May I suggest forgoing the breezeway until mid-April and take the long way. You know what they say about shortcuts, they will get you to the place you don’t want to be much quicker than they get you to the place you want to be. And that place is freezing and late instead of just late. Taking the long way might just give you an opportunity to say hi to some friends, or teachers. You could always power walk your way to class in order to shave some time off. Just a warning though, if you have ever actually seen anyone power walking you know the social risks involved… I hope this helps. Otherwise, just throw on a walking boot and tell your teacher you need to leave a few minutes early to get to your next class.


Stay Awesome (and warm),


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