How to Create a Routine

1. Be realistic

Setting goals is a great way to get moving, but if you create unrealistic expectations, you will most likely fail to meet them. Consider how much time you have in a day, your daily responsibilities, and commitments. Start off slow. If your overall goal is to go to the gym five times a week, start with two. Slowly build up from there, and eventually, you will be in a routine that doesn’t have you yanking your hair out.

2. Consistency stems from discipline

Motivation can feel great and most people experience a rush when they form an idea and start forming their plan of action. But as quickly as it comes, it goes. In order to not be swept away with the tide, don’t depend on motivation to keep you going. In order to create any type of routine you need to commit to a consistent flow. Some days you aren’t going to want to work out, do your homework, or clean your room. Most days you’ll probably want to do the exact opposite. But look ahead at that goal you have created and push through the tough times.

3. Accept failure

Now I know how that sounds, but the number of people I’ve seen start a journey and crumble the moment they fail? Too many. No matter how hard you try to do the advice above, eventually, you will fail. Maybe you’re sick or got injured. Maybe it’s vacation or a family member died. Life hits you at the most unexpected moments. So if you fail to complete your routine one day, get up the next and get at it. You shouldn’t punish yourself or feel like all your progress is lost. Accept it, and move on. It’s the people who dwell on the past that miss out on the present.