Dear Wolfie, IB Stress & Nothing Less


Sebastian Gutkin, Co Editor-in-Chief

Dear Stressed Student 66,
Hang in there!  I know what you mean – it is super stressful when all of my deadlines come crashing in. I try to focus on one thing at a time and finish it before moving on to the next – otherwise, I just find myself spinning from one project to the next and don’t feel like I am making ANY progress! Sometimes, I will even make a list of things to do so that I can cross off the things that I have already done…just so I can see the accomplishment on paper.
Planning your work schedule can also be helpful. Enter all of your due dates AND all of your free time onto a calendar.  Then go back to your free blocks and schedule 30-60 minute appointments with yourself to work on each assignment.  If you do a little each day you will be much further along than if you avoid it because it seems like too much to get done in the little time that you have during the week.
Last but not least, reach out to your teachers to schedule a meeting so that you can ask them questions – that way you don’t find yourself stuck on something later without the ability to get a quick response.  And if you find that you have multiple projects due on the same date, ask your teacher if they might be able to offer some flexibility — you might be surprised to see how far a few questions go!
Hang in there!


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