Guidance Monthly Update: February


Storks Nest Child Academy

February is finally here and the school year is already more than halfway over! Here are some updates from guidance to keep in mind as the month progresses. 


Mid-year reports are going out to colleges soon which include both first and second marking period grades. These reports will automatically go out to colleges unless guidance is advised otherwise. At the end of the month, there will be an opportunity for WMC seniors to compete against one another for scholarships of varying amounts. These scholarships will come from about 50 local vendors. 

All Students- 

On the 17th, the Game of Life (an organization in Morris County) will come in during all gym periods to talk about a range of different resources for those who need help outside of the building. On the 27th, the pet therapy dogs will be coming for a visit! 

WMC students should look to book a scheduling meeting with their guidance counselor by March 1st for next year’s classes. 

Be sure to look out for the monthly mindfulness and news letter from Mrs. Cartier- the West Morris Regional High School District’s wellness counselor. In addition, she would like you to know that there will be a self care station outside her office that has different items for stress relief.