September Guidance Report: Suicide Awareness Month


Photo Credits: GUIDEINC.ORG

Mr. Jeros, West Morris Central’s newest Wellness Counselor, is making it his mission to be a welcoming figure to all students as well as provide a safe space for open conversations regarding mental health struggles. With the beginning of the school year taking place during Suicide Awarness Month, Mr. Jeros, along with other counselors at the school and mental health experts around the area, provided a few interactive presentations in educating about the signs of someone who might be contemplating suicide. These presentations were geared towards parents and other educators who want to be on the lookout for the general well-being of their child or student. As firm believers in not hiding behind the stigma surrounding topics like suicide, the guidance department was eager to start conversations with parents about looking out for signs of depression and anxiety in their children, as well as how to help. Putting an emphasis on the power that comes with seeking help, parents are encouraged to have conversations with their children and get them the help if needed. No matter the issue, the friendly faces at guidance want everyone to know that they will always be there for them, whether you’re reaching out for help, or even if you just want to talk. Stop by Mr. Jero’s office in the A-wing when he isn’t splitting his time between Mendham!