Dear Wolfie, Wintertime Weariness


Dear LazyLady,

Wintertime blues are a very real thing for many of us due to the colder temperatures and shorter days.  I would recommend trying to get outside for 15 minutes every afternoon to help bring some sunshine and exercise into your daily routine.  There is a lot of research on the role that Vitamin D plays – I’ll leave that to the experts to explain – but I’m pretty sure that getting some sun helps your body produce more of it.  Adding a 15-minute walk outside in the afternoon can help get your energy levels back up to a place where you are feeling more productive and provide a much-needed boost to your mood.  So grab a wooly winter hat, pull on some boots, zip up your warmest winter coat, and head outside!  The positive effects of incorporating this daily habit into your routine are bound to help lift your spirits and help you stay focused and motivated for the rest of the day.